Dear Haitian diaspora, what kind of news do you want?

“I’m a journalist and graduate student and I want to provide news about Haiti’s reconstruction for Haitian immigrants.  Where’s the money coming from and where is it going? Who’s getting USAID and NGO contracts? Who’s hiring and whom? How are decisions about where and how to build being made? Who’s making progress on the ground and why? Who isn’t–and why?”

Those are some of the questions that I hope Haitian immigrants want me to answer.  But I’m not sure so, from today through this coming Saturday, I’m asking with this survey. Your answers will go into an application that stands a very good chance of being funded–but, more on that later.

Haitian Development Happens Here is a conversation space and a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to start-up a journalism venture.  As I’ve never done this before I haven’t a clue but the few things I do know, I’ll try to make them work for me.

What matters most is that what’s discussed between the people who gather here will lead to the final product: a news and opinion site that serves the needs of Haitian immigrants and anyone else interested in rebuilding Haiti for its people.

Again, this is only the starting gate.  Feel free to comment, ask questions, challenge my thinking.  I’ll fill in more information about myself, this project and “how international development is done” as the days and weeks go on.  But right now, it’s 1:12am and I’m heading to bed!

I’ll post survey results this weekend.

FYI: I watched this TED Talks video of Derek Sivers to help me “go public” with my project.  Enjoy.

3 Comments to “Dear Haitian diaspora, what kind of news do you want?”

  1. Carla,

    I want to know where all the money/donations to University of Miami’a MediShare ( tent/hospital went. While our team was there Alonzo Mourning visited, Sanjay Gupta visited (and sometimes got in the way), and so did Christiana Amanpour. So I know dontations poured in. Then on the 6 month anniversary, CNN went back to the hospital they moved into (Bernard Mevs), and the doctors there said if there are no more donations, the hospital will shut down in a month!

  2. Carla this is a great initiative – my question is how are regional journalists reporting on Haiti’s recovery? Why has Haiti’s recovery disappeared from the regional media? How do we keep it on the front burner? Hundreds of Caribbean military personnel, doctors, engineers have volunteered in Haiti have we heard their views on what is happening there see for one account

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