Read Me: My new article in The Haitian Times

Disorganized Diaspora Remain in the Fringe of Post-Earthquake Decision Making Process

NEW YORK – For years, Haitians living overseas have been the lifeline of the troubled country, sending billions of dollars to relatives back home. But now as the international community…

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FYI: articles are behind a pay wall. I won’t apologize for that though.  Opinion is helpful, plentiful and cheap.  Gathering news, verifying sources, physically being where news is, costs money.  I had $2 in my pocket, a monthly train pass and (thankfully) a packet of cashews when I covered Haiti’s donor conference at the United Nations.  The delegates ate a $30 lunch.  So, pay to read my article.  Think of it as subsidizing my lunch. 🙂

HAVE A STORY IDEA? LET’S TALK ABOUT IT. And don’t forget: submit the Rebuilding Haiti news survey and questions for World Bank economist Dilip Ratha.

APRIL 26th UPDATE Click here to read the full article.

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