UNICEF recruits from Haitian diaspora

Katleen Felix who puts in serious legwork for microfinance group Fonkoze sent around this UNICEF announcement (after the jump).  I’d heard through the reliable grapevine that development organizations weren’t welcoming diaspora Haitians but I wasn’t able to confirm.  Let me know if you’ve been rejected out of hand so that I can follow up.  I’m not a therapist so I can’t do much with a general “they suck” complaint.  If publishing your name bothers you, we can work around it.

Before the listing, one eye-opening stat from UNICEF’s recent Haiti report:

90% of Haiti’s schools are non-public.  That’s complicating the ability to find money for and therefore, pay teachers.  I attended a New York City fundraiser for a P-au-P school a couple of weeks ago.  Great event, everyone gave generously and the founder-principal-teacher-problem fixer-adoptive mother (she’s all those things) will make those dollars stretch–but the exercise still struck me as an inefficient way to finance a school. What happens to kids from areas where principals don’t know any well-connected Haitians living in the States? What’s a more efficient option between government financing and ‘luck of the draw’ fundraising?  Tough question but great opportunity for entrepreneurs.

UNICEF job announcement after the jump:

***Please forward to the Haitian Diaspora / SVP Circuler dans la Diaspora Haitienne***

To respond to the growing needs of Human Resources and the emergency program in Haiti, the UNICEF Haiti country office has launched a large national recruitment campaign. If you are a Haitian citizen, resident of Haiti or a Haitian living abroad, and have the desire to contribute to the reconstruction efforts of the country, you are strongly encouraged to consult our website to learn of possible employment opportunities with UNICEF.

UNICEF offers attractive compensation packages, including competitive salaries, medical coverage and participation in pension fund, etc.

Please follow the instructions when submitting your candidature by providing: email address, reference number of the post and the date you submit the application.

If you do not have a Haitian nationality and you would like to be employed by UNICEF in Haiti, or in another country, you are invited to visit our website at http://www.unicef.org where you will be able to review International Vacancies.

UNICEF is committed to gender equality in its mandate and its staff.  Well qualified candidates, particularly female candidates are strongly encouraged to  apply.

Only candidates who are invited for an interview will receive regret letters from the office.

Pour répondre aux besoins grandissants en ressources humaines dans le cadre de son programme d’urgence en Haïti, le bureau de l’UNICEF Haïti lance une vaste campagne de recrutement. Si vous êtes un(e) citoyen(ne) haïtien(ne), résidant en Haïti ou à l’étranger, désireux de contribuer aux efforts de reconstruction du pays, vous êtes vivement encouragé à consulter le site internet de l’UNICEF Haïti pour prendre connaissance des opportunités d’emploi, au fur et à mesure de l’ouverture des postes.
L’UNICEF offre des salaires et avantages sociaux intéressants (salaires attractifs, couverture médicale, participation à un fonds de pension, etc.).

Veuillez noter les instructions à suivre pour soumettre votre candidature : adresse e-mail, référence du poste et date limite de dépôt de votre candidature.

Si vous n’avez pas la nationalité haïtienne et que vous êtes à la recherche d’un emploi avec l’UNICEF en Haïti, ou dans d’autres pays, vous êtes invité à visiter notre site internet : http://www.unicef.org.

Les femmes qualifiées sont encouragées à soumettre leur candidature.

Seuls les candidats pré-sélectionnés seront contactés par notre bureau.


One Comment to “UNICEF recruits from Haitian diaspora”

  1. I am a Haitian citizen living in the United since 1982.

    I have always dreamed to be among those dedicated people who participate in the reconstion of this ravaged country of Haiti. Indeed, my genuine interest of my patriotic contribution to my Ayiti Toma persuaded me to pack my whole family, my wife, my four children and me to move to Haiti in 1996 and lived there until 2001-2002 to meet the educational need of my children. I had helped to form young Haitian teachers at the UNIVERSTE CHRETIENNE DDDU NORD D’HAITI, located in the community of Haut Limbe of the city of Limbe, the Northen department. I am a trained state of Massachusetts current teacher and minister. I hold a degree in both fields, and have taught for many years. I have done many other things in my life that my resume will prove.

    I am ready to serve haiti, again, and to present my academic crudentials and work expperiences upon request. I eager to hear from the UNICEF recruiting team.

    Sincerely, Jephtet Roseme

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