Election Results | Letter from Port-au-Prince

Fires are set in Haiti after the electoral commission yesterday announced the results of last week's controversial election. (Reuters/Allison Shelley)

Ed Note: Like most readers I’ve been receiving reports, rumors, online arguments, news, fearmongering, calls for calm, etc all day.  This morning I received a letter from a Haitian-American friend who lives in Port-au-Prince. Unlike most readers this is my first time worrying for loved ones in Haiti.

Dear Friends,

As Haiti week begins I think its important to talk about what is happening right now.  Many cities are burning today and no one can go outside. There are tires burning, Haitians being shot, wounded, gassed; manifestations, Aux Cayes is burning down, and essentially the country is burning down due to the presidential results announced last night.  Everyone is hearing gunshots and seeing smoke above their cities, including myself. Right now its Cap, Leogane, Aux Cayes, and Port au Prince…for now.

I’m sure you all have been up on the news but as Haiti week begins lets put Haiti into perspective because so long as the people are not respected and their freedoms are not respected, there will be no peace, and the people will continue to suffer even more.

Things are developing minute by minute and we don’t know if it will be a turn for the worst or that the unrest will be scaled down.  I pray for a resolution and hope that these events send some healing energy to our beloved Haiti.

Big Love,


7 Responses to “Election Results | Letter from Port-au-Prince”

  1. These would be leaders who have been advocating on behalf of Haiti trying to get elected need to vehemently denounce this violence in a symbolic show of unity. Surely there are better way to deal with this. There is nothing else to destroy and whatever we destroy has to be rebuilt using scarce resources. They were quick to unite and call for cancellation of the elections, now the country needs them to prevent the people who are fighting for them from destroying themselves.

  2. “because so long as the people are not respected and their freedoms are not respected, there will be no peace, and the people will continue to suffer even more.”

    This says it all. Hoping tomorrow is a better day.

  3. Thanks for posting Carla. I have been afraid to begin blogging again because my heart is too open but you’ve inspired me to post to my blog as well. I think its time to start writing again. THis time it has to be objective, guiding, informational and hopefully I will be able to share the layers of complications to Haiti and these elections. Much love sis.


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