Thank you

Quite a few people and sites helped me to get to April 6th. Most did not know me but most gave me an hour out of their busy schedules to listen to my project, challenge it and encourage and point me onward.  Their time meant a lot to someone with “just an idea” and I really appreciate it:

Karin Christiansen, director, Publish What you Fund; Toby McIntosh, journalist, International Financial and Trade Institutions (IFTI) Watch; Anne Nelson, professor, Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA); Jeff Jarvis, director, interactive journalism program, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism; Garry Pierre-Pierre, publisher and editor, The Haitian Times; Rebekah Heacock, SIPA fellow; Joe Filippazzo, CUNY J-school grad and co-founder of Knotebooks; Mary Lou Fulton, mediaoptimist and program officer, The California Endowment; Tales From The Hood; Laura Freschi, associate director, Development Research Institute at New York University; Sarah Bartlett, director, urban reporting, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism; Matt Collin, doctoral student in economics, University of Oxford; Peter Beinart, professor, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism (in whose political writing class the idea for this project crystallized); and a couple of others who’ll remain anonymous.


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