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April 17, 2010

Doing indie media: what it is

While waiting this Saturday morning for a source to Skype from Haiti, I figured I’d review DH’s last two weeks.  My first grant application’s off.  I want that money so that I can bring on more reporters and another editor who I want to be based out of Miami and Haiti.  Gathering and verifying news and going places to talk to folks-in-the-know and take pictures is expensive so I need my people to be compensated.

The jobs listings get the most hits.  Makes sense: I usually email a Haitian hometown association list (thank you, Fonkoze) after I post the listings and Kiskeácity Tweets some of DH’s posts.  I’m still trying to figure out viewer’s habits, best way to present content, when I can find time to pull together the content, etc.  That’s cool though. DH is less than two weeks old and a work in progress. I’ll figure it out.  A young woman volunteered to help me last week, as did another who’s in Haiti, so I think I’m on the right track.

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