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April 24, 2010

Haitians want agricultural development but is the diaspora listening?

Steve Baragona/VOA

The little reported highlight of the March donor conference at the United Nations was the part about what Haitians in Haiti want. I checked.  Media coverage focused on the billions donated, doubts about whether pledges will be kept and how to track all that money.  Very little ink went into broadcasting what a sample of 1,750 Haitians told donors they want.  And it wasn’t just dignity and respect.

I don’t mean to be flip but the few (seriously, like, three) articles which even mention former Haitian journalist and UN spokesperson Michele Montas’ presentation of survey results focused on airy-fairy demands for inclusion, dignity and respect.  Why the basic prerequisites for healthy human existence is presented as news, I haven’t a clue. But while businessmen are understood to want tangibles like money, property and ownership the poor are frequently reported by others to want some existential reward–like they can eat inclusion, dignity and respect.  The appropriate and more telling question, in keeping with a political and not philosophical discussion, is: what tangibles did the Haitian people demand?

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April 8, 2010

Read Me: My new article in The Haitian Times

Disorganized Diaspora Remain in the Fringe of Post-Earthquake Decision Making Process

NEW YORK – For years, Haitians living overseas have been the lifeline of the troubled country, sending billions of dollars to relatives back home. But now as the international community…

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FYI: articles are behind a pay wall. I won’t apologize for that though.  Opinion is helpful, plentiful and cheap.  Gathering news, verifying sources, physically being where news is, costs money.  I had $2 in my pocket, a monthly train pass and (thankfully) a packet of cashews when I covered Haiti’s donor conference at the United Nations.  The delegates ate a $30 lunch.  So, pay to read my article.  Think of it as subsidizing my lunch. 🙂

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