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June 10, 2010

Read Me: New article in the Haitian Times

I’ve just finished a story about New York area businesses that are trying to get a slice of the $10 billion reconstruction pie. I plan to continue reporting in the vein of profit and business, particularly those firms that are creating employment in Haiti.  I figure there’re enough reporters covering aid as charity, how it works and then blaming the usual suspects when it doesn’t.  That’s a valuable frame but there’re so many other ways to frame how development goes down in Haiti.  I’m open to other ideas so, holler.

Unfortunately, my story’s behind a pay wall so I’ll reproduce a bit here:

[Jean] Petrus belongs to a small coterie of New York-area businesses, most owned by Haitian-Americans, pushed by a slow recovery at home and pulled by both patriotism and profit to help reconstruct Haiti.
[According to the Associated Press] more than 105,000 homes need to be rebuilt, along with 1,300 schools, 50 hospitals, the presidential palace, parliament and courts, not to mention debris removal and technology and infrastructure development.
These Haitian-American owners are new to the world of federal procurement, however. Since January 12th, other American firms with extensive international experience in disaster clean-up and construction—many with lessons learned from post-Hurricane Katrina reconstruction—have been setting up offices, camps and mess halls for an anticipated workforce in Port-au-Prince.
It remains to be seen whether and how effectively Haitian-American firms can compete for the more than $1 billion in aid pledged by the United States over the next decade.

April 8, 2010

Read Me: My new article in The Haitian Times

Disorganized Diaspora Remain in the Fringe of Post-Earthquake Decision Making Process

NEW YORK – For years, Haitians living overseas have been the lifeline of the troubled country, sending billions of dollars to relatives back home. But now as the international community…

Read the rest on The Haitian Times

FYI: articles are behind a pay wall. I won’t apologize for that though.  Opinion is helpful, plentiful and cheap.  Gathering news, verifying sources, physically being where news is, costs money.  I had $2 in my pocket, a monthly train pass and (thankfully) a packet of cashews when I covered Haiti’s donor conference at the United Nations.  The delegates ate a $30 lunch.  So, pay to read my article.  Think of it as subsidizing my lunch. 🙂

HAVE A STORY IDEA? LET’S TALK ABOUT IT. And don’t forget: submit the Rebuilding Haiti news survey and questions for World Bank economist Dilip Ratha.

APRIL 26th UPDATE Click here to read the full article.

April 7, 2010

Why trust this site? Why trust me?

The Rebuilding Haiti survey’s critical.  It’s my marching orders so I spent the day reaching out to a hundred (maybe more?) Haitian-Americans by email.  How I get in touch with people is important; shows who I’m excluding.  While I want many voices, the last thing I want is for this survey, my work order, to be overly influenced by the super-educated tech-friendly set.  I’m hoping that the Hometown Associations show up here in a big way.

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