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April 23, 2010

Mo’ media, mo’ media, mo’ media

I heard through HAG (eh hem, the Haitian activist grapevine) about a site similar to DH, Koze Ayiti out of the Knight Center for International Media at the University of Miami.  It looks like we have the same basic goal of producing original news and analysis about Haiti.  But there’re enough differences to make a potential partnership interesting.  I hope this find confirms TFTH’s position that post-earthquake media coverage of Haiti is not only unprecedented, it’s different:

Never have I seen such intensive coverage of a disaster response effort. I am not talking about coverage of the disaster itself – images of crumbled buildings and people weeping for their dead and talking heads going on about numbers. I am talking about coverage of aid agencies and issues in the response.

That’s hot.  Problems arise with media coverage too (i.e. so much ignorance you want to slap the reporter) so read the full post to get the gist.  But all in all, this supposed development is a great thing for aid and government accountability.

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April 17, 2010

Doing indie media: what it is

While waiting this Saturday morning for a source to Skype from Haiti, I figured I’d review DH’s last two weeks.  My first grant application’s off.  I want that money so that I can bring on more reporters and another editor who I want to be based out of Miami and Haiti.  Gathering and verifying news and going places to talk to folks-in-the-know and take pictures is expensive so I need my people to be compensated.

The jobs listings get the most hits.  Makes sense: I usually email a Haitian hometown association list (thank you, Fonkoze) after I post the listings and Kiskeácity Tweets some of DH’s posts.  I’m still trying to figure out viewer’s habits, best way to present content, when I can find time to pull together the content, etc.  That’s cool though. DH is less than two weeks old and a work in progress. I’ll figure it out.  A young woman volunteered to help me last week, as did another who’s in Haiti, so I think I’m on the right track.

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