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April 13, 2010

Sign the petition if you care about…

At Kelly Ingram Park in 1963 police commissioner Bull Connor urged his men to let whites near the demonstrations. "I want them to see the dogs work," he said.

“…better coordination among aid providers, more transparency about where and how they are spending our money, and more participation of earthquake victims in the planning and execution of earthquake response projects.”

Call me a cynical journalist but how effective can a petition be if it’s addressed to 10 different people representing 10 different organizations with 10 different missions, bureaucracies and funding levels?  The petition organizers, the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti, explain why they’re targeting so many people–from World Vision to USAID to Bill Clinton–but in diffusing responsibility it seems IJDH inadvertently diffuses accountability as well.

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April 10, 2010

DH is reading…

Huascar Robles,

Haiti – Putting NGOs in their Place

… the fact that financial aid has been channeled directly through NGOs, bypassing government institutions, has (over time) led to the substantial weakening of national government structures.

In Haiti’s Tent Cities, Unusual Schools Thrive

… educators can learn a few tips from some unlikely role models: the temporary schools erected in Port-au-Prince’s tent cities.

VIDEO: Debating reconstruction in Haiti

Some Haitians warn that reconstruction should not begin until further seismic studies are done.

The Great Aid Debate: Does Aid Work?

… what does aid failure really look like? Has aid failed when a child in [Haiti] gets to eat three times a day instead of just once? Has it failed when it enables that child to attend a school that has just been built by an international fund? … Do we really think people will just suck it up and start picking themselves up by their own boot-straps when they don’t even have boots? It’s not likely the free market is going to set up a school or a health post in a far-flung village.

Haitian Women Demand Role in Rebuilding their Country

“We can’t build a country on aid. We can’t run our lives by projects. The women of Haiti suffer disproportionately in the policy environment, and so we must have a policy shift,” she said. “We can’t afford to have a business-as-usual attitude. We must ensure that in all rebuilding and reconstruction efforts, women’s needs, expertise and contributions are recognized.”

RANDOM: dang. these guys are probably raking in the dough

April 6, 2010

Dear Haitian diaspora, what kind of news do you want?

“I’m a journalist and graduate student and I want to provide news about Haiti’s reconstruction for Haitian immigrants.  Where’s the money coming from and where is it going? Who’s getting USAID and NGO contracts? Who’s hiring and whom? How are decisions about where and how to build being made? Who’s making progress on the ground and why? Who isn’t–and why?”

Those are some of the questions that I hope Haitian immigrants want me to answer.  But I’m not sure so, from today through this coming Saturday, I’m asking with this survey. Your answers will go into an application that stands a very good chance of being funded–but, more on that later.

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