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April 8, 2010

Interviewing World Bank economist: Tell me what to ask

I’m setting up an interview with Dilip Ratha, a World Bank economist who blogs about how diasporas can use remittances to develop countries, not just families.  Soon after the earthquake, Ratha posted the following, Mobilizing the diaspora for reconstruction of Haiti–via diaspora bonds:

“…if you are wondering whether Haitian immigrants are too poor to invest, consider this fact from the Current Population Survey of the US: nearly one-third of Haitian immigrants in the US belong to households that earned more than $60,000 in 2009. [median income for all US households is about $50,000, by the way] … A quarter of Haitian immigrants, especially women, are reportedly in the relatively higher paying health care and education sectors….”

Mr. Ratha’s agreed to be interviewed.  What do you want to know?