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April 8, 2010

The Business of Disaster: Where’s the Haiti-Bound Money Going?

I’m linking to this opinion piece because, it’s a helpful reminder of how to understand Haiti’s reconstruction: in many ways, disaster is big business.  Somebody somewhere is always making money.  I want to cover the same topics, here: where’s the money going? who’s getting government contracts?

As a journalist though, I’d tone down the us v. them approach and get the other side. Governments outsource all the time; every contractor can’t be crooked.  Some might even be experts at what they do.  I’d at least like to get their perspective, have them react to the criticism.  Later I’ll delve more into Haitian voices, also highlighted in the opinion piece:

Twenty-two Haitian organizations, representing religious, conflict resolution, women, human rights, development, and other sectors, had this to say about the three recent international donors’ meetings: “[T]he process is characterized by a near-total exclusion of Haitian social actors and a weak and non-coordinated participation by representatives of the Haitian state… We need an alternative process which can define a new national project which incorporates strategies to counteract exclusion, political and economic dependence, and poverty.”

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April 8, 2010

Haitian-American Media Become the Eyes and Ears of Haiti

From time to time I’ll re-post relevant articles. Usually, they won’t come from mainstream media; I figure, they don’t need my help with distribution.  This March article is from New America Media, a California-based media aggregator of immigrant news.  Sir Garry Pierre-Pierre of the Haitian Times is featured (I call him, sir, you don’t have to; that’s his pic on the right), as is Yves Dayiti of DC’s Konbit Lakay and Tamara Philippeaux, owner of Miami-based Island Television.

“As mainstream media coverage of the January 12 earthquake in Haiti declines, Pont-du-Jour is one of several Haitian media owners, publishers, and radio hosts in the United States who is feeling his role more acutely. According to a recent New America Media poll of Haitian Americans, more than 90 percent of respondents said they have been following the events closely through the media. Three out of five lost someone in the disaster. “

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